The company formally known as Incredible Edibles boasts the same well-crafted and delicious meals as it did under Mabel Bialson with Danny Chen.


2008, Danny Chen, purchased Incredible Edibles Catering, retaining the highest standards and quality at affordable prices. Anson’s thrives under chef Danny Chen’s direction, with the same staff and dedication to its clients that made Incredible Edibles so popular as a bay area establishment.


We are a locally owned business with a small staff of dedicated employees who pride themselves in meeting your needs for consistent, communicative, and thorough services. Our employees average 18 years in the restaurant industry, including many who have been part of our valued staff for 5 or more years.


Global-fusion inspired cuisine is our hallmark, a flair for California Cuisine and classic American dishes round out the culinary creations carefully crafted by our talented kitchen staff. All menu options are carefully tailored to meet all your needs and preferences for daily corporate lunches or private events.